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And now for a commercial break: You can see your favorite photos without having to read through my boring blog posts. I am on Flickr and Instagram. When you get a moment please them out. It you follow me I always follow back. If I’m not following you back let me know, sometimes I forgetContinue reading “commercial break”


Is anyone looking for “Somebody to Love?” I think most of us want someone to love. This song performed by Freddie Mercury, with Queen, has gained in excess of 72,000,000 views on YouTube. Mercury’s heart filled delivery resonates with many of us. So what is Love? Here is a list of its attributes: Love isContinue reading “Love”

“The Perfect Storm”

Since seeing the movie, “The Perfect Storm,” about a shipping vessel caught up in the middle of three storms intersecting at one point, causing a catastrophic event. In 1991 this unnamed storm with winds of 120 mph, claimed the lives of 13 people, I’ve often thought about the perfect storm. It wasn’t necessarily the highContinue reading ““The Perfect Storm””