No Dry Cleaning

Interviewing for a position at a fairly large company, I was wearing a nice black suite with my favorite red print, power-tie.  I was looking good.  I had my portfolio with three copies of my resume, just in case.  I had practiced my answers to various questions and was ready to make things happen. IContinue reading “No Dry Cleaning”

Hope for You

On any given day, I’m walking around with several hundred milligrams of legit meds in me.  Most of which are really bad.  The bottles have neat boldly colored little stickers on them that encourage me to do or not to do certain things while under the influence of them.  And, even though I must takeContinue reading “Hope for You”

“The Perfect Storm”

Since seeing the movie, “The Perfect Storm,” about a shipping vessel caught up in the middle of three storms intersecting at one point, causing a catastrophic event. In 1991 this unnamed storm with winds of 120 mph, claimed the lives of 13 people, I’ve often thought about the perfect storm. It wasn’t necessarily the highContinue reading ““The Perfect Storm””