Nothing Reprise

I’m cheating. Ha. Don’t tell anyone. I’m drinking coffee in the morning. It’s a secret. C’mon, I’ got to get something out of this. I choose coffee. I checked the Mayo hospital help site an looked up things I should not have. I can do this. This is good news. (This was the last postContinue reading “Nothing Reprise”


Romans 8:26 [And in like manner the Spirit also helpeth our infirmity: for we know not how to pray as we ought; but the Spirit himself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered;] These are some of the most important words, especially for someone hurting and doesn’t know what to pray, theContinue reading “Nothing”

So what

Two years ago, I started this blog to share about my life as a person who lives with unseen illnesses.  I am locked in a world that many can only imagine.  It is difficult to comprehend unless you’ve lived with an unseen illness. I was in my early thirties before being diagnosed with bipolar disorder,Continue reading “So what”

E m u l a t e

If you are like me and socially inept at parties and mandatory functions, and it leads to panic attacks and stuff like that; emulate.  Find someone in the room and emulate them. Don’t do it to the point that it is obvious; just move through the crowd like they do. It has worked for meContinue reading “E m u l a t e”