WELCOME TO MY BLOG! Meet the family & me!

This is my first post after completely redoing my site! If you know me, then you know that this site used to be my father’s blog. I took over the blog after he passed away. I kept all of his original posts and am working on a page as a tribute to him, but decidedContinue reading “WELCOME TO MY BLOG! Meet the family & me!”

The Word and a Glance

The pastor was talking about marriage in his sermon.  He glanced to his wife sitting in the front row, stage-right, if I remember correctly.  I could see her face from where I was sitting.  He made mention of God giving him such a beautiful wife.  I looked over.  She was stunning.  One of the mostContinue reading “The Word and a Glance”


when I look at my wordpress statistics page, it’s not the numbers that I care about so much, as the flags of viewers from all over the world, at first, i think and i am humbled.  then i think  to myself have i written anything of value, anything worth sharing with the world? and, thenContinue reading “humbled”