Sitting here

I’m just sitting here. Some show is playing on prime. Wah wah wah… I watched 10 or 15 videos on YouTube. I went to the doctor today. He doubled most of my crazy pills. He took away my coffee. Coffee is my life-blood. I don’t know if I can live without it. He took awayContinue reading “Sitting here”

Rapid Ones

I’m experiencing rapid cycle bipolar. Based on a therapist and a doctor’s diagnosis, this time it is pretty rough. I concur. I am bouncing off the ceiling then falling into mud. This cycle is happening fast. My therapist described in detail what I’m experiencing right now. Oh did I mention anxiety attacks? I’m missing aContinue reading “Rapid Ones”

In-between – Depression – Mania

In-between – Depression – Mania Let’s take a look at Mania this time. This short look into my lifestyle will hopefully give you some insight into mania. I’m pretty sure nothing here is in neat chronological order. I can’t remember my name most of the time. At the age of 12, my dad bought meContinue reading “In-between – Depression – Mania”