Bumping or Bouncing

My doctor is amazing.  He has helped me so much.  Sometimes when he is explaining things to me I get a little confused.  He uses medical terminology.  This was one such time. I called his office the other day to see if I could change two of my medications.  That evening he returned my call.Continue reading “Bumping or Bouncing”

Looking forward to backwards 

Most people look forward to this and that, they move forward in their lives, with their family and jobs. I’m a lot like most folks in many respects, I guess.  Except when looking forward to this and that, especially things that are of significance or importance.  These things I experience backwards. Where you find joyContinue reading “Looking forward to backwards “

Faking it

Imagine going through life faking almost all emotion and interactions. Oh sure there are things that move me, causing some level of emotion, but very few. Seeing my daughter and granddaughter on FaceTime excites me. So far I have only seen my granddaughter on FaceTime, she is seven months old, and 1000 miles away. DuringContinue reading “Faking it”