Sitting here

I’m just sitting here. Some show is playing on prime. Wah wah wah… I watched 10 or 15 videos on YouTube. I went to the doctor today. He doubled most of my crazy pills. He took away my coffee. Coffee is my life-blood. I don’t know if I can live without it. He took awayContinue reading “Sitting here”

Rapid Ones

I’m experiencing rapid cycle bipolar. Based on a therapist and a doctor’s diagnosis, this time it is pretty rough. I concur. I am bouncing off the ceiling then falling into mud. This cycle is happening fast. My therapist described in detail what I’m experiencing right now. Oh did I mention anxiety attacks? I’m missing aContinue reading “Rapid Ones”

Why dimdaze

Why the title, “dimdaze?” It is made up of two words, dim and daze. Dim – not bright; obscure from lack of light or emitted light. Daze – to stupefy or stun. No rocket science here; just two plain ole words put together. Originally, I created the blog to share my experiences regarding mental illness;Continue reading “Why dimdaze”

Quiet Thomas

Thomas stood quietly in the parking lot of a building only use a few times a week.  The lot quickly filled with cars and people; cacophony clouded the air.  The people rushed into the building, took care of this and that, and found their way to the main room.  Thomas stood quietly in the parkingContinue reading “Quiet Thomas”