Before I redid my dad’s website, it was a blog called “Dimdaze” where my father would write about his struggles with mental illness and share his passion of photography. I kept all his original blog submissions on my blog page along with many that I wrote after he passed away. This website has been extremely therapeutic and healing in so many ways. It has been a way to stay connected to my dad in a sense.

My Father’s About Me page from when this was his blog….

I’m a man who lives in a boring little town in the Western, North Carolina, mountains.  I like boring, it’s predictable.

Two years ago, I started this blog to share about my life as a person who lives with unseen illnesses.  I am locked in a world that many people can only imagine.  It is difficult to comprehend unless you’ve lived with an unseen illness.

I was in my early thirties before being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, major depression, along with general and social anxiety.  It was difficult to comprehend at first, but it filled in several blanks.

Anyway, I’m a photographer and like working with computers, I hide behind both.  You know, it’s like when a small child puts his hands over his eyes and thinks you can’t see him.  That’s me.  I live with my hands over my eyes.

I mentioned on my About page that I am a photographer.  I have been shooting for a long time.  I use a simple 35mm format DSLR, with a variety of lenses.  Check out some of images below.

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