Mania or Depression or In-between

Mania or Depression or In-between  Bipolar Sine-wave In this post, I’ll start with In-between.  We usually interpret bipolar disorder as either manic or depressed; rarely does anyone talk about the in-between state, euthymia.  The image, though simplistic, pretty much depicts a typical bipolar wave.  Look at the gray line through the middle of the image,Continue reading “Mania or Depression or In-between”

Why dimdaze

Why the title, “dimdaze?” It is made up of two words, dim and daze. Dim – not bright; obscure from lack of light or emitted light. Daze – to stupefy or stun. No rocket science here; just two plain ole words put together. Originally, I created the blog to share my experiences regarding mental illness;Continue reading “Why dimdaze”