WELCOME TO MY BLOG! Meet the family & me!

This is my first post after completely redoing my site! If you know me, then you know that this site used to be my father’s blog. I took over the blog after he passed away. I kept all of his original posts and am working on a page as a tribute to him, but decidedContinue reading “WELCOME TO MY BLOG! Meet the family & me!”

I’m sick of trying to keep up….

As I lay here with both children sleeping soundly (yes you read that right, I wouldn’t believe it either, and of course I should be trying to sleep now too because Lord knows I’m exhausted but I just can’t) I’m thinking about how crazy this whole motherhood/parenting/adulting thing is. What a mind game it isContinue reading “I’m sick of trying to keep up….”

National Semicolon Day

Yesterday was National semi colon day, bringing awareness to a movement addressing individuals who struggle with mental illness and suicide. Tomorrow will be my father’s birthday, his second birthday that he will not be with us due to long time struggle with severe mental illness. We must end the stigma. We have to take mentalContinue reading “National Semicolon Day”