A simple conversation between two people consists of one person speaking (1), and another person (2) listening.  Once person number (2) has listened to person (1) and had time to consider what person (1) had to say, they respond to person (1), and so on.

Have you ever been in a conversation between two people when one was talking and the other kept butting in?  Or, even when both parties are speaking at the same time?  It makes having conversation very difficult.

A psychiatrist told me that many therapists would be out of a job if people learned how to carry on a simple conversation.

Is the problem that we have out smarted ourselves?  “I don’t need to listen to what to what the other person’s saying, I already know what they’re going to say before I hear it.”

Did you know that the Oxford English dictionary has over 250,000 distinct words, not including many technical, scientific, and slang terms?  (the Oxford Dictionary) All those words and many people know only a few of them; f*** you, and S***.   When was the last time you watched a movie without profanity in it?

If you can carry on a simple conversation with someone; you’re awesome!
If you are the one that keeps cutting in while the other person talks; stop it!
If you are the person who speaks without listening; stop it!
If you are the person who only knows two or three words when the average ten-year-old knows around 5,000….  I thought I had quip for this one, but it is just too sad for words.

The Guinness Book of World Records has an entry for what they claim is the longest sentence in English.  They cite a sentence from one of  William Faulkner’s novels, Absalom, Absalom! containing 1,287 words.

In contrast, one of the most powerful sentences in the Bible: “Jesus wept.”

I specifically write my blogs at between a 5th-6th grade level.  I figure I have about eight minutes of your attention.  I want you to be able to move easily through the text, get something of value out of it and keep coming back for more.

I’ll end the text with this quote from a fairly famous person.

“If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.”

-Albert Einstein-

Published by Kathleen Pielhop - Midwest Mama -Creator

I took over my father’s blog September of 2017 after losing his battle with mental illness. This blog was originally to share my journey through grieving, finding peace, and trusting God in the process...and in many ways is exactly that. This has evolved into life as a family of 4 with 2 dogs, living in the Midwest. I will cover everything from fashion to our family routines. Join us on this crazy adventure!

6 thoughts on “words

  1. I studied conversation analysis as part of a postgraduate degree. Researchers call our day-to-day conversations “interactions” with “turns”. The turn-taking styles are mechanisms that have one function – to dominate the interaction, thereby establishing the speaker’s role in that social dynamic. Psychotherapists are already dominant, as they command the space. Their interactions with their patient reinforces the therapist’s role and function in the dynamic – to offer opinions and prescribe courses of action. There is no escaping it that cannot function in a social order without knowing where they exist in a hierarchy.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. I think I understand, I have just been dominated? Are you saying there is dominance in all of our daily interactions? I really appreciate your input.

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      1. We spend our whole lives trying to understand our own nature. There are things the human instinct compels us to do, which we try to simplify through observation and theories. In the end, we will do what makes us feel safe and comfortable. xo

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