A Creed My Creed

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“Give to us clear vision that we may know where to stand and what to stand for – because unless we stand for something, we shall fall for anything.” ~Peter Marshall

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of denominations (a group or branch of any religion) in the world today.  Many of them fall within a common set of core beliefs, a creed (a system of Christian or other religious belief; a faith).

This song pretty much sums up my beliefs, “Creed, by Petra.”

Creed by Petra

I believe in God the Father, maker of heaven and earth

And in Jesus Christ His only Son

I believe in the virgin birth

I believe in the Man of Sorrows bruised for iniquities

I believe in the Lamb who was

Crucified and hung between two thieves

I believe in the resurrection on the

Third and glorious day

And I believe in the empty tomb and the

Stone that the angel rolled away

He descended and set the captives free

And now He sits at God’s right hand

And prepares a place for me


This is my creed, the witness I have heard

The faith that has endured

This truth is assured

Through the darkest ages past

Though persecuted, it will last

And I will hold steadfast to this creed

I believe He sent His Spirit to comfort and to reveal

To lead us into the truth and light, to baptize and to seal

I believe that He will come back the way He went away

And receive us all unto Himself, but no man knows the day

I believe He is the Judge of all men, small and great

The resurrected souls of men receive from Him their fate

Some to death and some to life, some to their reward

Some to sing eternal praise forever to our Lord

Songwriters: BOB HARTMAN

For non-commercial use only.
Data from: LyricFind


Published by Kathleen Pielhop - Midwest Mama -Creator

I took over my father’s blog September of 2017 after losing his battle with mental illness. This blog was originally to share my journey through grieving, finding peace, and trusting God in the process...and in many ways is exactly that. This has evolved into life as a family of 4 with 2 dogs, living in the Midwest. I will cover everything from fashion to our family routines. Join us on this crazy adventure!

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